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Theodor Günther Software developer at randstad digital

Full-Stack developer, gamer und part time creative guy. Since I graduated from HTW Berlin 2021 with a degree in media informatics, I have been working for Ausy. Mainly I use there technologies like Java and Angular, but partly also React and JSP.

In my spare time I like to work on various smaller development projects as well as 3D modeling, drawing or gaming.

04.2021 - now

Software developer at randstad digital

In my time at Ausy I have been part of several shorter projects. In my current longer project, I am developing as part of a larger team, using Scrum and SAFe on a more complex application. Consisting of a Java backend, various APIs, and a frontend of JSP and Angular, I have the opportunity to experience and further develop the interplay of many different technologies.

Java, Angular, JSP, JS, TS, Git, HTML, CSS, SCSS, SCRUM, SAFe

03.2015 - 03.2021

Working student at Francotyp-Postalia (FP)

Parallel to my studies, mostly in the semester breaks, I worked as a student trainee at FP. There I came into contact with WordPress for the first time, which I later also used privately from time to time for projects. As part of my studies, I was also allowed to do an internship and work at FP in Sweden for half a year. There I developed an application in C# which makes it easier for the sales team to make calculations in connection with the franking machines they sell. I also gained practical experience in 3D modeling with Blender by creating, animating and rendering a franking machine. The rendered video was then edited and enhanced in Adobe Premiere Pro. Later I did more testing and was part of the student team in the StudIES+ project

C#, PHP, CSS, HTML, Angular, Wordpress, Blender, Adobe CC

2014 - 04.2021

Bachelor / Master at HTW Berlin

During my studies I was able to gain experience in many different programs and technologies. Mainly Java was used, but in different courses and projects also Angular, React, Vue or Ruby on Rails. Since the program has three specializations, web, gaming and visual computing, I was also able to take courses and projects that provided knowledge about Unity (C#), Maya (3D) and artificial intelligence (AI). I wrote my bachelor thesis at FP, the focus here was on the design process (UI and code) for developing a new web application. In the master thesis I investigated the suitability of evolutionary algorithms for the development of an AI in computer games.

Java, Angular, React, Vue, JS, TS, Git, Ruby on Rails, C#, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Unity, Maya, Python, Pandas, Numpy

2011 - 2014

Training at AUCOTEAM

During my training as an assistant for regenerative energies and energy management, I got to know electrical engineering and among other things also programming. Even though I only learned the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, I still enjoyed it so much that I decided to study in this direction after completing my training.



Abitur at Max-Beckmann-Oberschule